The rate that protects your holiday and that of your loved ones before and during your stay.

CANCELLATION FOR ANY DOCUMENTABLE CAUSES (e.g. illness, accident, holiday cancellation) up to the day of check-in and refund of up to 100% of the prepaid amount.

ASSISTANCE DURING YOUR STAY: from arrival to departure, you can benefit from medical assistance, luggage guarantee, theft and roadside assistance.

DEDICATED CUSTOMER CARE before, during and after your stay.

Before booking, read the Insurance policyCLICK HERE


BeSafe Rate Cancellation Policy

BeSafe Rate Plus guarantees cancellation for any documentable cause and offers a refund* of up to 100% of the prepaid amount compliant with the regulations of the insurance policy applied at the time of booking. 

*by the insurance company

BeSafe Rate Payment Policy

The full amount of the stay will be charged at the time of booking. Taxes and service charges: 10% VAT is included. City tax are not included.